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Erodian Helmet Visor Protector For All Helmets ( 1 Piece )

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Erodian Helmet Visor Protector For All Helmets

compatibility :
* Suitable For All Brand Helmets
* Non suitable for (Bubble visor) W/Visor, W/BB Visor model Helmets
* Example,. Vega Jet Star, Vega Jet Old School, Vega Verve,
  Studds Downtown, Studds Downtown Full face, Axor jet, Mt Le Mans 2 SV

Product Features :
* Visor protector protects from scratches, impact, UV,
* Seals existing scratches underneath and makes the Visor protector shines like new again
* Easy to clean and wipe the dirt off without the fear to scratch the Visor protector
* Scratch Resistant, Bubble Free, No Residue, water repellent, Premium Feel and Easy to Install
* Once Installed it is almost Invisible

High Transparency :
* 99% clear transparency for high definition display.
* 0.14 mm thickness Screen protector uses and ultra-thin materials offering both superior clarity.

Important Notes :
* Do not try to install the helmet Visor protector on your own.
* Go to your nearby sticker shop and ask them to install.
* Do not use air guns for installing the helmet visor protector.
* After installing the helmet visor Protector, Do not use the helmet for at least One hour.

Installation Procedures :
* Spray the liquid on visor and clean it using the micro fiber cloth
  (Ensure the visor is dust free)
* Remove Step 1 label and spray the liquid on the adhesive side and stick the helmet visor protector.
  (Check for the air lock and fix properly)
* After sticking the helmet visor protector, spray the liquid and wipes it out gently using ATM card.
* Finally, Clean the visor using the micro fiber cloth.
  That's it! Now ERODIAN protects your helmet visor

Uninstallation Procedures :
* Use warm water to remove the helmet visor protector
* Gently remove it from bottom to up

Specification :
* Type         : Visor protector
* Quantity     : 1 Piece
* Color         : Transparent
* Package Included : 1 x Screen Protector, 1 x spray, 1 x Cloth.

* Packing Quantity : 1 Piece
* Color & Model : The same Like Pictures Show


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