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XTREMZ is a brand of XTREME BIKE ACCESSORIES AND STICKERS and it is an effervescent and energetic organization where state-of-the art technology is a standard in business practice and communications. A highly skilled and passionate workforce makes every effort to give quality service to their customers.

XTREME BIKE ACCESSORIES AND STICKERS is well recognized as a one of the leading players in aftermarket automotive accessories.

We aim to offer high quality products at a competitive price through adequate distribution channels and ample promotion through word of mouth to reach a long running litany of satisfied customers At XTREME BIKE ACCESSORIES AND STICKERS, we have always tried for excellence in our pursued to bring esteemed customers quality products at the most competitive prices with a brilliant delivery track record, it is a pleasure we share with you a proud moments of joy for presenting our valued customers with world class brands of alloy wheels,exhaust and silencers, LED Lights, Security Systems, Helmets, Riding Gears, Shoes and many more.

This would have not been possible without unflinching support of our valued customers, who continuously repose faith in our ability to deliver and meet their expectations.

We are constantly expanding our catalog everyday. We take our customers demand very seriously and we try to add each and every product that our customer demands.

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Contact Hours 11am to 6pm
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